Spot to Spot Bengals

Purebred White Belly Bengals


 Get your deposit in they are going fast!


 The price includes first vet health check, de-worming, and 1 shot that contains 4 covered diseases

 All of their coats, spots, and rosettes are like fine wine they get better with age. 

 We are in Fowlerville, Michigan for pickup. 

We don't ship our animals. 

SOLD This is Purple Female kitten.  She is the most beautiful kitten we have had so far she is show quality.  She has deep colored spots and a few rosettes.  Rosettes are the larger spots that have multiple brown colors.  She has the most independent, lovable attitude.  She is also very social with all the other animals and people.  She had her vet check today and she is very healthy.  She has had her first shot and been dewormed.  She is eating a mix of canned food and dry food and is litter trained.  She was being very camera shy, these pictures don't do her justice.  I'm trying for more pics.  Her price is $1200.

Purple Female

Purple Female

SOLD This is Blue Female.  She has great spots and great rosettes.  Rosettes are the large multi brown colored spots.  She has a beautiful cinnamon hue to her fur which is from her father.  She is very lovable and very energetic and social.  She had her vet check today and is a very healthy girl.  We include their first shot and deworming.  She is eating a mix of canned and dry food.  She is also litter trained.  Her price is $1100.

Blue Female 2