Spot to Spot Bengals

Purebred White Belly Bengals

  We have 4 Kittens!  They will be ready for Christmas 2018

 Special Prices contact us to find out [email protected] or 248-464-4495  

The kittens are apart of our family we have them out around the house with us and our other cats to socialize and love them. 

 Our kittens have the rare trait of the white tummy, this is very rare only a few breeders have this variety.  

All 4 little kittens in a small trash can! How cute!


 We are a small family owned cattery.  Our cattery is registered with The International Cat Association and The International Bengal Cat Society . We are located in Fowlerville, Michigan.  Our Bengals are apart of our family. We have one loving pair of Bengals.  Elyithia and Morpheus they are brown spotted and rosettes .  Bengals are a fun addition to any family, they are very energetic and loving.  Male bengals are much larger and have a great loving attitudes.  Bengals also tend to love water, ours will get into the shower and play.